About Our School

Clark in the snow
Clark memorial where the love of learning grows
Clark Memorial School came into existence in 1950 at our current location. Carrick Academy was the first school established at this location in 1809. It was named after Samuel Carrick, the founder of Blount College, which later became the University of Tennessee. In 1949, Winchester Central High School was at this location. Franklin County High School was located in Decherd. In 1950, these two schools were consolidated into one Franklin County High School at the location on the Boulevard which allowed the old Central High School building to become Clark Memorial School. Our proud nickname is the “Warriors.” We are the largest and oldest of the eight current elementary schools in the Franklin County School System. We also have the most diversified student population in the entire school system, something of which we are very proud. We have a rich history of producing future doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, successful business people and wonderful, loving moms and dads.