Principal's Corner

Mr.  David  Carson, Principal


Always Do Your Best

Our School Motto: “Do Your Best”

     This is my 20th year as principal of Clark Memorial School. It has been an unbelievable fun, exciting, rewarding, and wonderful time. There’s not been one day I’ve awakened in the morning and did not want to go to school. One thing I constantly tell my students during assemblies and any other occasion when we’ve gathered together, and that is “Do Your Best.” “If your mom asks you to wash the dishes or make your bed, do your best. If your dad asks you to mow the yard or take out the trash, do your best. If you can learn to do your best at the simpler things in life, you will eventually apply that trait to everything you do in life. You will be amazed at the happiness you will get out of life and all the things you’ll be successful, if you’ll simply learn to do your best.” We have a great staff of teachers who are doing their best to build school-wide positive relationships with all of our students. We all hope we are making a difference by simply “doing our best!”